Sunday, August 2, 2015

New home!

We moved into a new house! Here's what it looks like so far: dining room and living room. 

From dining room table into kitchen:



(Still a little in the process of moving in)

And our bedroom in the process of getting rid of the deal orange wall color:

Weird middle tv room looking out into sun room:

Sun room/ playroom:

(If I waited until it was totally clean to take the pictures it might never happen!)

And yard:

So there it is! It's pretty sprawling and I'm sure you can't even sort of imagine the layout from these, but it's an idea :-)

When I went to make sure this post went up I found out that my last two posts were never published. I guess life is all out of order these days anyway!

1 comment:

JoAnne said...

Love your new home! It looks fantastic!
Love the photos of the doll houses and the beach too!