Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Little Cook

Yikes I'm so far behind on posting! We took the boys backpacking a couple of weeks ago and I will share those pictures. For now, a few cooking projects with my little kitchen helper.

Here, he's making Alfredo using my grandma's recipe. There was a little setback when I had to leave the room and he continued on his own, dumping the Parmesan into a bowl of broccoli. But we fished it all out.

Yes, I even let him stir it on the stove. He's very careful (at least when I remind him every thirty seconds).

And here he is again, this time making some healthy "cookies". They were just ground oats, mushed bananas, and chocolate chips. They turned out pretty good!

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JoAnne said...

Adorable photos. Wish I'd had some of that good food ;-)