Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

We spent a day at home with Noah feeling very under the weather. Still, we had fun doing some projects in the afternoon. I was super excited to try this new play dough recipe from Wesley's teacher. It turned out awesome! We couldn't find any food coloring so it was white with sliver and blue glitter. Perfect for "snow balls."

I think Wes was pretty interested to see how to make the play dough. 

After some play dough time, Noah and Chris made a papier-mâché (thank you auto-correct) volcano and I made some tamari cashews.

And here is Wes, about 45 minutes later, making "pumpkin pie." 

Here's to lots more projects and family time this year!

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Amy Robinson said...

That top pic of Wes is super cute.

These pictures and post made me wish we were hanging out. :)