Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bug Festival & a hike

A bug out of clay. The bug festival at the U - what fun!

Above, Wes is decorating a line drawing of a cockroach with feathers and sequins.
Below, Noah and his good buddy Merrick are trying on bug glasses. I got to hold a giant cockroach from Africa and a big hercules beetle. Wes is really into bugs so it was a lot of fun.

We road the streetcar to Time market, where we had parked our car, and had some fancy slices of fig pizza and a kale salad. The boys had cheese pizza, but Noah devours the kale salad. He's been going through a growth spurt and is suddenly taller than most of his friends. After that, a family hike at the Yetman trail. Sort of a consolation prize for Chris, who didn't get a bike ride this weekend. Check out this "selfie" of me and Wes. Don't we look alike?

Noah has been super into harvesting the prickly pear fruits out of our front yard. It's been raining so much this year. Seriously, at one point everyone thought we were going to be flooded out by a hurricane. Anyway, there are a quite a lot of prickly pear fruits in the front yard and he's declared himeself a "prickly pear farmer." We convinced him the hike was a good idea when we told him he could bring tongs and a bucket.

And there was a silly family selfie. We realized this year when Wes' teachers asked for a family picture for the classroom that despite the thousands (literally) of photos we take all the time, we have hardly any photos of our family. I think I may have to hire a professional and do real family portraits this Christmas. Anyway, there we all are. Sort of.

And next is my adorable (and a bit lazy) little Wesley, who is almost three years old!!

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