Monday, August 25, 2014


In the past couple of weeks Noah has been getting the hang of swimming. He started with a dog paddle and foot touch every few feet and is now jumping in an swimming underwater! I'm so proud. 

Friday, August 1, 2014


Yesterday Noah started kindergarten. I'm a little in shock - how is he already so big? My mom and Wes and I dropped him of in the morning. 

He was pretty nervous until his buddy from preschool showed up. They are so happy to be in the same class. 

Look how much his little brother loves him. So sweet. 

In the classroom, things are all new. The school is a magnet school with a 100% Spanish emersion program. Noah is looking forward to learning Spanish, but he was relieved to find that the teacher and the other children do speak English. They ease them into it, which is wonderful.

After school I picked him up and was so relieved to hear that he was happy and had a good day!

My friend Sam came over in the afternoon and Noah told her, "do you know about recess?!" - apparently it was the best part :-)