Thursday, July 24, 2014

We Want to Live in Oregon

Okay, the title of this post should have been something more along the lines of, "Oregon Trip" -- my titles are not that creative, okay? -- but we spent the week and a half enjoying trees, beaches, friendly people, and all things Oregon, only to return home to a broken shed, stolen bikes and most things from the backyard. Yeesh. We really want to move to Oregon.

Nana pushes Wesley at the playground in Kilchis state park

Uncle Gordon lived up to his old nickname from when I was little, "uncle goo-goo," when he started the water fight at the beach with all 7 kids. The family reunion included my cousins from Oregon, from Hawaii, my brother (also from Hawaii), and all three of my mom's brothers and two of their wives. It was great fun to see everyone!

Beach parties are the best. Sandy hot dogs, smores, and all.

Let's go fly a kite...

Wes and Nana kite flying at the beach party.

And after the sandy hot dogs were eaten, most of the family headed down toward the waves for a serious game of soccer.

Next, a beach called  Short Sands with tide pools. I was impressed by how flat the beaches are in Oregon. Low tide made the waves so far away!

And an awesome photo of my brother, Colin, on the jetty near our house. I couldn't see the sun that way when I was taking the photo, although I'd love to claim it. It was mostly luck, but beautiful.

A few more from uncle Gill's birthday party. He and Aunt Nancy have a lovely house up on the hill. The ocean is out there beyond the trees, even though it's a little bright to see in the picture.

And one of the whole family.

 And after the beach we drove all the way down to Southern Oregon to visit my other brother. The blackberries were more ripe there in the warm weather and we had a great time seeing Gaelen and picking tons of berries.

In Portland, where I was mostly taking photos with my phone and will have to share later, we visited the Japanese Garden. It wasn't SanFrancisco... but still beautiful. I love this photo of Noah on the bridge. 


natasha said...

Amazing pictures, Em. You guys do seem right at home on the Oregon Coast!

So sorry to hear about the bike theft--what a shitty thing to come home to. :(

JoAnne said...

Fabulous beach/family photos! Great photos of Gaelen and the boys, too.

Juliana said...

Man... if you move there, we're following you!!!! Looks AWESOME!!!!