Sunday, May 25, 2014

5 years in Photos

5 years old already. Can it really be that long? here is five years of birthdays for us to reminisce.

The actual birth day:


1 Year:

2 Years:

3 Years:


4 Years:


And 5 years. Boy my picture taking has really gone downhill this year!

This post has made me realize that I need to pay more attention because the years go by quick. And also I need to start hauling out my big camera more because I love those fancy photos.

5 years old!!

His birthday was last Wednesday, but the big party was today. We invited the whole preschool class to a "glow party" at the local indoor jumping castle place. It was fun and didn't require tons of house cleaning!

Selfie of Chris and I and Noah while we celebrated his birthday with his class

There's nothing like being squashed into a carfull of helium balloons!

In this next one you can kind of see the "glow"-party-ness (and the silly-ness too!). Noah is wearing a glow badge that says "it's my birthday"

After the jumping, a party room for snacks and cupcakes. I spent a little too much time yesterday making chocolate zucchini cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting... and then deciding to make some vegan vanilla cupcakes too! I like making cupcakes. What can I say? And I know plenty of people who like eating them.

Since we did invite the whole class and all of our other friends and many of them came (which was awesome) we had a lot of people! Even Noah, the social butterfly, wasn't quite sure what to do with himself with all those people singing happy birthday to him.

The birthday boy in his throne with one of his best buddies

Friday, May 9, 2014

On to kindergarten so soon

Today Noah's preschool had a little ceremony to celebrate the children moving on to kindergarten. They each get to walk across the little "bridge" with their flower while the teacher reads things their friends said they love about them. Some of Noah's were:
"He plays ninjago (Lego ninjas) with me"
"He plays Star Wars with me" and many others.

Here are some photos I took:

Later we came home and it was fort building time. These boys are sure getting big!


Wesley's gift for me for Mother's Day that he made at school. He planted it himself. Best Mother's Day present ever.

Happy Mother's Day!

Gardeners update

These are already from a few weeks ago but the boys are just so cute I have to share them.

This garden is going wild! This week things are even better. There will be tomatoes soon.

Raw collard greens?! If it came from our garden we will eat it...