Thursday, April 10, 2014


If you have young children, I'm sure you understand, or if you've ever had them you probably remember (or maybe have blocked it out...), mornings when trying to get out of the house for work or anything else that happens before 10am can be difficult.
This morning, as I was hounding the boys to get dressed, get ready, get your teeth brushed, eat your breakfast, and so on ... Wesley said to me "Mom, it's my life"
I couldn't tell if he was saying this in the teenager sort of way -- meaning I can make my own choices (which he does often tell me -- "it's my choices"), or if maybe he was saying "it's my wife", since he does still pronounce L as W. Hmm. Either way, interesting response to being asked to go get dressed.

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JoAnne said...

I love this, I copied it and sent it to Eric and Jennifer. Eric was so impressed at how well Wes could talk and carry on a conversation. He told me about Wes' "need to find out what happened to Pooh"