Sunday, April 6, 2014

Garden gnomes and rainbow smoothies

Here is a little update on how our fun little garden is doing. Thanks to the magic of a little gnome.

And two little boys who love the plants.

This evening after dinner Noah requested "rainbow smoothies" for dessert. I only came up with three colors, but these were a hit!

Here's how we did it:
Frozen pineapple chunks
Frozen mango chunks
Almond milk
Ripe banana 
Blend and pour just enough to fill glasses one inch; leave the rest in the blender
Then add  to yellow for
I whole leaf of curly kale
Apple juice (to balance the kale flavor)
A few more pinapple and mango chunks
Blend and pour carefully on top of yellow, another inch 
Then add to green mixture to make
3 chunks of steamed red beets (maybe half a lg beet or so)
More apple juice
A little lime juice to balance the beet flavour
Blend and pour the top layer. There was a bunch of the red left for me. The cool thing is though, that the kale only shows up in the light yellow, and the the beet (or you could use blackberries if you had them) covers it right up. Next time we'll try for some more colors!


glo said...

I loved this post!

Amy Robinson said...

Those smoothies look great!