Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bike Family

Although I sometimes drag my feet and grumble about it, most of the time I just have to accept that we are a bike family. Here is Noah on a day last week when I parked the car at Chris' school and we rode our bikes together the rest of the way to preschool. Wesley has a funny little seat only bike behind the handle bars. I couldn't believe how grown up Noah looked carrying his own backpack. 

And here is Wes being a little silly.

We also "raced" in the family category of a local bike scavenger hunt around town. I didn't get many photos (although you may have seen me on Facebook), but here are a couple.

Noah wore his batman cape for the after party part. He rode his bike for the whole race! About five miles total.

And here are Chris and Wesley doing one of the "challenges" at a checkpoint. Sunday was the bike swap. Chris actually swapped one of his bikes for a new mountain bike for me. Guess my bike family-hood continues... :-)

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