Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas season

It's officially Christmas season now that thanksgiving has passed and we decorated the tree at nana's and papo's house today. We're ringing in the season with the first of several grandparent specific Christmas mornings tomorrow morning! And looking forward to riding the polar express tomorrow night!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Some adorable boys

Happy 3rd birthday Wes!

Wes turned 3 years old last weekend. Amazing it's gone by so fast! We had a "throwing stuff" themed party for him. Great fun. 

Making sculptures with marshmallows and grapes:

The chocolate cupcakes (and candle from Noah's 3rd birthday):

The hanging donuts game:

Blowing out the candles:

Happy birthday my sweet 3 year old!

Catching up:: happy 80th birthday to gram!!

Okay, so I am a couple of weeks behind. It has been a busy few weeks. I've baked and decorated a total of 5 birthday cakes! The first birthday was my grandma's 80th. She came here and we had great fun having a multiple-day 80th birthday celebration. I wish I would have pulled out my big camera for a big four generations photo shoot. Next time we see them!

Here's the first of the cakes:

And here are Gram and Bill at the last birthday dinner. Don't you love the glasses? 

Happy birthday Gram!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bug Festival & a hike

A bug out of clay. The bug festival at the U - what fun!

Above, Wes is decorating a line drawing of a cockroach with feathers and sequins.
Below, Noah and his good buddy Merrick are trying on bug glasses. I got to hold a giant cockroach from Africa and a big hercules beetle. Wes is really into bugs so it was a lot of fun.

We road the streetcar to Time market, where we had parked our car, and had some fancy slices of fig pizza and a kale salad. The boys had cheese pizza, but Noah devours the kale salad. He's been going through a growth spurt and is suddenly taller than most of his friends. After that, a family hike at the Yetman trail. Sort of a consolation prize for Chris, who didn't get a bike ride this weekend. Check out this "selfie" of me and Wes. Don't we look alike?

Noah has been super into harvesting the prickly pear fruits out of our front yard. It's been raining so much this year. Seriously, at one point everyone thought we were going to be flooded out by a hurricane. Anyway, there are a quite a lot of prickly pear fruits in the front yard and he's declared himeself a "prickly pear farmer." We convinced him the hike was a good idea when we told him he could bring tongs and a bucket.

And there was a silly family selfie. We realized this year when Wes' teachers asked for a family picture for the classroom that despite the thousands (literally) of photos we take all the time, we have hardly any photos of our family. I think I may have to hire a professional and do real family portraits this Christmas. Anyway, there we all are. Sort of.

And next is my adorable (and a bit lazy) little Wesley, who is almost three years old!!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Blue Jays - game 1!!

Coach Chris led the kids to a 1-5 "tie" today in U6 soccer. So fun to watch the kids running back and forth and giving it their best try. Yeah blue jays! 

Looking forward to another game next weekend!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Batman eating breakfast

Yes, batman has been making appearances pretty often at our house lately. We feel very protected because he also "knows how to use the force". 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Off to colorado

Two little boys enjoying the airplane. Now we are headed though boulder, CO. Sigh. Maybe someday we can migrate here.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Soccer practice

This was last week. The first soccer practice of Noah's first season playing (and Chris first season coaching ;)
It should be a lot of fun and next time I will be out there with my big camera, but for now, just this one.

Monday, August 25, 2014


In the past couple of weeks Noah has been getting the hang of swimming. He started with a dog paddle and foot touch every few feet and is now jumping in an swimming underwater! I'm so proud. 

Friday, August 1, 2014


Yesterday Noah started kindergarten. I'm a little in shock - how is he already so big? My mom and Wes and I dropped him of in the morning. 

He was pretty nervous until his buddy from preschool showed up. They are so happy to be in the same class. 

Look how much his little brother loves him. So sweet. 

In the classroom, things are all new. The school is a magnet school with a 100% Spanish emersion program. Noah is looking forward to learning Spanish, but he was relieved to find that the teacher and the other children do speak English. They ease them into it, which is wonderful.

After school I picked him up and was so relieved to hear that he was happy and had a good day!

My friend Sam came over in the afternoon and Noah told her, "do you know about recess?!" - apparently it was the best part :-)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

San Diego and Legoland (before Oregon)

Do before our big trip to Oregon a few of our friends were headed to San Diego for camping, beach time, and legoland. We just thought that sounded like a good way to get out of Tucson and have a fun little vacation. On the way, we stayed a night a the hilton in Yuma (where, of course, it is not high season) with our friends. It was right next to the river and although very hot, it was a lot of fun.

The next morning we were off to San Diego. We stopped along the way at a great fish taco place in Oceanside where they had this cool car inside.

Our campground turned out to be ... Slightly less than ideal. Campsites were tightly packed in on a little strip in between the ocean (we did have a nice view, but no beach) and the train tracks and I-5. Noisy! But we still have a good time with the two other families and their kids.

lightsaber battle. Sorry other campers who were two feet away on either side...

We had a great day at Legoland. It's the perfect amusement park for kids this age. Noah was tall enough for even the biggest roller coaster, which he was super happy about. I don't know where this usually cautious child gets his love for roller coasters! They was some pretty big ones too. Big enough not to have a camera while riding them for sure. Below is Noah on the fairy tale ride.

And a selfie of Wes and I on the lego boats.

Noah at Lego New York City. Pretty amazing how much detail. They also had all the planets from Star Wars in Lego.

Wes' favorite part may have been the giant tree house playground with the giant foam legos in the back.


It is just amazing how much quiet, focused time these boys will spend mixing food colors, vinegar, and various household powders. Well worth the mess.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

We Want to Live in Oregon

Okay, the title of this post should have been something more along the lines of, "Oregon Trip" -- my titles are not that creative, okay? -- but we spent the week and a half enjoying trees, beaches, friendly people, and all things Oregon, only to return home to a broken shed, stolen bikes and most things from the backyard. Yeesh. We really want to move to Oregon.

Nana pushes Wesley at the playground in Kilchis state park

Uncle Gordon lived up to his old nickname from when I was little, "uncle goo-goo," when he started the water fight at the beach with all 7 kids. The family reunion included my cousins from Oregon, from Hawaii, my brother (also from Hawaii), and all three of my mom's brothers and two of their wives. It was great fun to see everyone!

Beach parties are the best. Sandy hot dogs, smores, and all.

Let's go fly a kite...

Wes and Nana kite flying at the beach party.

And after the sandy hot dogs were eaten, most of the family headed down toward the waves for a serious game of soccer.

Next, a beach called  Short Sands with tide pools. I was impressed by how flat the beaches are in Oregon. Low tide made the waves so far away!

And an awesome photo of my brother, Colin, on the jetty near our house. I couldn't see the sun that way when I was taking the photo, although I'd love to claim it. It was mostly luck, but beautiful.

A few more from uncle Gill's birthday party. He and Aunt Nancy have a lovely house up on the hill. The ocean is out there beyond the trees, even though it's a little bright to see in the picture.

And one of the whole family.

 And after the beach we drove all the way down to Southern Oregon to visit my other brother. The blackberries were more ripe there in the warm weather and we had a great time seeing Gaelen and picking tons of berries.

In Portland, where I was mostly taking photos with my phone and will have to share later, we visited the Japanese Garden. It wasn't SanFrancisco... but still beautiful. I love this photo of Noah on the bridge.