Friday, November 22, 2013

Chicago: post for the boys, day 2

Hi Noah and Wes,
I miss you so much. Can't wait to be home on Saturday. I hope daddy's giving you lots of hugs and kisses for me. I'm having fun in Chicago and I took some pictures for you of trains and other neat things I saw today. I love you so much!!

A train with downtown in the background, near the art institute.

A very funny park full of pretend people. This one was wearing a hat!

A big lion statue in front of the art institute.

Another cool train.

Look at all those tall buildings! They are really skyscrapers.

A reall cool giant mirror ball. Can you see my reflection?

Now do you see me? Look, you can even walk under there!

There I am again with the city behind me.

Love love love you and I'll bring you here someday soon! Love, Mama

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