Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bike Race!

Chris decided to sign up for a "cyclocross" bike race yesterday. He signed up for the lowest category, thinking he was "new" to this cross between mountain biking and road biking. The boys and I showed up just before the end to see him get first place (against just two other guys, but still). We were proud, but I thought he should have signed up for the category above when I saw how far ahead he was.

And here he is (below) crossing the finish line. Yeah Chris!

And since it was a special occasion I brought along my big camera -- something I haven't been doing nearly often enough lately -- and the light was so pretty by the pond that I took a bunch of photos of the boys. Wesley's new hat was knitted by one of his classmates' mothers who knitted one for every child in his class for her son's birthday. I was so impressed! And these boys are so adorable so I had to share a whole bunch of photos.

Aren't those sparkles cool!? I didn't photoshop this one at all -- it just came out that way.

Jumping off the platform

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Mama LLama said...

I feel like if I walked up to your boys from behind, I might not notice at first that they weren't my boys. One day we all have to play.

And nice water sparkles.