Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Friday from agave land

A big octopus agave in our yard sent up a stalk this summer and produced hundreds of tiny baby agaves before it dried up. We finally recruited my mom to help with the project of planting them all- our own agave plantation. Maybe we'll set up a booth at the farmer's market...
Wesley enjoyed them. He sat there for a good 15 minutes or so just watching them. Maybe he'll help me remember the watering.

Later, our new little "tree" house (we don't have big trees in the desert), became a make believe ice cream shop. Yum.

Four day weekends are so much appreciated around here at the moment. Isn't it Sunday? Nope. It's Friday! Happy Friday.

Happy thanksgiving weekend!

We had a fun dinner yesterday with my mom, Ron and Mina all at our house for mostly traditional dinner, plus some artichokes per Noah's request. I had fun making a fancy centerpiece and trying to make it feel festive. The boys weren't too excited about the food choices (other than the artichokes), but we all enjoyed it.

We enjoyed a little walk between dinner and pumpkin pie. Such fun to have a whole day of cooking and feasting and no homework.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sprinkle time

Chris made sugar cookies for his class to decorate. He saved us a few, which we ate too fast. Here is the sprinkle potion project it inspired afterward.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Chicago: post for the boys, day 2

Hi Noah and Wes,
I miss you so much. Can't wait to be home on Saturday. I hope daddy's giving you lots of hugs and kisses for me. I'm having fun in Chicago and I took some pictures for you of trains and other neat things I saw today. I love you so much!!

A train with downtown in the background, near the art institute.

A very funny park full of pretend people. This one was wearing a hat!

A big lion statue in front of the art institute.

Another cool train.

Look at all those tall buildings! They are really skyscrapers.

A reall cool giant mirror ball. Can you see my reflection?

Now do you see me? Look, you can even walk under there!

There I am again with the city behind me.

Love love love you and I'll bring you here someday soon! Love, Mama

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Missing my boys already: hello Chicago

I'm in Chicago from today until Saturday for the American anthropological association annual meeting. Thousands of anthropologists all wandering around downtown Chicago and sessions starting at 8am and going on until 9:45pm, and at least ten at once at any given time. It's enough to overwhelm even the most social among us (and me even more so).

Anyway, I'm going to use this blog space while I'm gone to post photos of Chicago for Chris to show to the boys. It's my first time away from them and I already miss them so much!

The "L" train in Chicago 

Maybe not the best quality photos but you better believe Noah will be excited about them.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bike Race!

Chris decided to sign up for a "cyclocross" bike race yesterday. He signed up for the lowest category, thinking he was "new" to this cross between mountain biking and road biking. The boys and I showed up just before the end to see him get first place (against just two other guys, but still). We were proud, but I thought he should have signed up for the category above when I saw how far ahead he was.

And here he is (below) crossing the finish line. Yeah Chris!

And since it was a special occasion I brought along my big camera -- something I haven't been doing nearly often enough lately -- and the light was so pretty by the pond that I took a bunch of photos of the boys. Wesley's new hat was knitted by one of his classmates' mothers who knitted one for every child in his class for her son's birthday. I was so impressed! And these boys are so adorable so I had to share a whole bunch of photos.

Aren't those sparkles cool!? I didn't photoshop this one at all -- it just came out that way.

Jumping off the platform

Little Tea Party

A couple of weeks ago now, but I had to share this. My friend Sara came over with her little ones and they all decided to have a tea party together. Real tea and mini crackers. So much fun!

Friday, November 8, 2013

All Souls Procession with the Fam

Last weekend Cap'n and G came to visit and surprise! They brought the little cousins along with them from Amarillo to play all weekend. The boys were psyched. We were too. They were all excited to go to the All Souls Procession. We chickened out and went home before the end, but we had a great time watching the procession. Noah was terrified for the first half until he realized they were all just people in a parade. The bag of kettle corn helped. I was wishing I had painted my face -- some of the people there really had works of art on their faces -- but maybe the sensory issues my children seem to have came from me a little bit...

I don't know who this is, but I thought it was a really interesting photo

Everybody enjoying the procession

Chris with Rastan and Xander on the bike -- Xander was doing some trick riding.

Happy Halloween?

A few weeks late, okay. I have a big conference coming up and so I've been frantically working on getting my poster done. Yahoo! Today I finished it and will print in on Tuesday. One thing off my list. Now I can move on to the 50 other things on my list...
Anyway, I know Halloween is long gone and you're already thinking about Thanksgiving, but here is a sweet one of Batman and Robin with their trick-or-treating buddies. By the way, I was proud of my homemade Robin costume, made that morning.

Oh, and did you already see my wonder woman costume? If not, I think you should so here it is.