Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Yurt in Mancos

After Telluride we stopped at the top of Lizard Head Pass for some snow play. These Tucson boys were pretty excited about it, especially because we had a handy-dandy snow chucker along with us that Noah chose at REI, not realizing at the time exactly what it was.

 After our Telluride Gondola and snow adventures we headed down to Mancos State Park (in between Cortez, CO and Durango, CO) to spend the night in a campground where they have a lovely little yurt for rent. Chris said it was the first time he'd ever stayed in a yurt. It may have been true for me too. It was warm and cozy, but still felt a tiny bit like camping (at least we were in our sleeping bags, even if our feet were pointed toward a little furnace).

Can you spot the sleepy boys?

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glo said...

This looks so cool. You should send that beautiful backlit photo of the yurt to the State Park folks for their brochure!