Friday, September 13, 2013


I've often thought of Noah as sort of a "picky" kid. By picky though, I don't mean that he'll just eat Mac and cheese or pizza (two things he could care less about). I mean he's very particular. I've thought myself crazy a few times when I was arguing with him about finishing dinner:
Me: "eat your pizza."
Noah: "I'll just eat more bites of my (raw) spinach."
Me: "No, you can't just eat spinach. You have to eat the pizza too."
What is it about that main course that makes it seem so important? Just for fun, I took a photo of his carefully constructed dinner tonight. It doesn't look too much like a picky toddler dinner (although the sectioned plate is a dead giveaway).

But look what he was missing out on :-)

Hey, this blog is the perfect place for posting photos of dinner, right?

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