Friday, August 23, 2013

Pizza Project

As a prize for completing swimming lessons this summer, the boys each got a coupon for a free mini pizza kit. I hauled them over there with me on Sunday, when Chris was gone on an all-day mountain bike ride. We had fun together "making" the pizzas and I enjoyed not making anything else! (I also ordered myself a pizza, but I didn't have to make it myself).

I don't know whether it was exceptionally good, or whether making something yourself just improves it that much, but I think Wes ate 5 of the little slices and Noah almost that much (Noah, amazingly, is always partial to the raw veggies over anything with cheese...).

And this last one has nothing at all to do with making pizza. I took this yesterday when I got to preschool and Wes was hanging out in the tunnel with his new best school friend. Seeing him so cozy and happy while I'm away makes me very happy.

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glo said...

Happy Times! Love that tunnel pic!