Friday, August 16, 2013

Hot summer days

We've been busy lately. Almost too busy for taking pictures if you can believe it. We had a nice visit from my grandma (gram) and her husband. Lots of eating out and staying inside to avoid the heat, but still fun. My dad came down to, so I really should have taken some pictures.

Today was work, but Friday! Here are some photos of the boys from today. It was 105 degrees so water is essential for playing outside, even if it's just a puddle or a dripping hose.

Pretending to be a monkey when I pick to pick him up at preschool today.

If you look closely in this next one, you can see Noah just coming out of his classroom. He didn't know I was already there.

It's a challenge to get anything but this fake smile from Noah lately. It's still cute though!

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