Monday, June 17, 2013

California Coast Trip: Photos from the BIG camera

Okay, I admit it. If this blog has a theme, other than just a mom-blog, it's supposedly good photography. But all the other posts about the California coast were photos from my iphone. I know, no one cares but me. But anyway, here is a selection of photos that were taken with my big camera. I didn't pull it out that much because when I did pull it out for the first time, I found that Chris had last used it, and that it was wearing a 20mm lens -- not the best all around lens... And so, the iPhone won it this time. But, there were a few great ones anyway, and here they are.

Overlooking a waterfall onto the beach at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Big Sur

Because I so rarely appear on this blog, there I am

Family self-timer photo at the biggest redwood we found, with a cave inside!

Boys in the Redwoods

Boys in the redwoods with sun flare

Camping, enjoying his own headlamp

Headlamp dance

Sun streaming down through the forest. The boys hiking with uncle Gordon.

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