Saturday, June 15, 2013

California Coast Road Trip: the first leg of the journey (Big Sur and Santa Cruz)

The first leg of our road trip last week. We drove to LA and skirted around the city and headed up I-5 to stay in a Motel 6 the first night. In the morning, we drove to the coast and highway one with plenty of time to make stops at beaches and hike to waterfalls along the winding trip up to the coast to camp at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. We had a great camp spot along the big sur river and the boys really enjoyed camping here. I was excited to have a night at the Motel 6 and then this sweet camp spot to show my little city boy Noah who said he preferred hotels over camping that actually, camping is much more fun.

Enjoying some peas and hummus after we arrived at the Big Sur Camp
The next morning we packed up and headed up the coast to Monterey, where we decided to splurge and visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium since we knew it would be a highlight for the boys. The kelp forest, a huge tall tank with sunlight filtering down through the floating kelp, was the favorite. But we also enjoyed all the jellies, sharks, etc. before heading up to Uncle "goo-goo"'s beautiful house in the redwoods outside Santa Cruz in the evening. 

These fish just swim in a circle around the ceiling all the time. What an interesting "decoration"
Looking at the Jellies with wonder
Wild strawberries were growing everywhere around Gordon's house. Brambleberries too. The boys thought this was the best thing ever, even though they were so tiny a toddler could eat about ten at a time!
A foggy day at the beach with uncles and aunt, and a giant tunnel hole built by Chris

View of the hole from underneath (awesome photo by Chris with his little GoPro camera)

On a hike around Gordon's hills. The little mirrors are on the windy road to make sure cars can see around the corner, but we thought they'd make a good group portrait

We had a wonderful time staying with uncle Gordon and aunt Deborah for a few days. Amazingly different to be up there in the redwood forest, and it had been more than three years since we'd been so it felt good to make it back. Thanks Gordon and Deborah for letting us come stay!

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gordon uncle-in-law said...

we were so happy to have you visit, though we totally enjoy visiting the blog, the real thing is so special that we still are pinching ourselves at seeing the little ones. the beach pictures brought back such great memories of laughter. great to hear of your time in sf love gordon and deborah