Sunday, May 19, 2013

4th Birthday Party

We had a sweet little birthday party for Noah yesterday. Just a few friends, a little pool (that leaked), a long kids table with balloons floating above, streamers, tons of cheese pizza, and a sea monster cake. The googles helped Noah enjoy the pool full of splashing children, but once all the kids were sitting at the big table under the balloons, things went pretty smoothly.

Small-scale pool parties get a bit splashy


The kids really enjoyed this long table made of two overturned paint buckets and a piece of wood

Ry enjoying the pizza

Wesley sitting near some pizza. He had a great time at the party too.

A failed Airplane cake, salvaged to be a cool sea monster!

How can he be four years old!?


Noah has been having some trouble understanding the concept of, your party was on Saturday, but your birthday is on Tuesday. Confusing. He's excited to have his birthday at school, though, although I'm not sure he's not expecting another party. We're planning on going out for dinner and mini golf, so I don't think he'll be dissapointed. I'll do a four year post and tell you some things about him soon. Until then, enjoy these birthday photos!


glo said...

They look like they love having their own table - with balloons! Nice cake! Fun..

Juliana said...

Happy Birthday, little Noah. I can't believe he's four (and my hubby is 40...). Looks like an awesome party. Great cake. Can't wait to catch up with you guys sometime this summer.