Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Maui, day 3: A BIG day -- Sugar Cane Train, Banyan Tree, Big Beach


Day three of our Maui adventure started with Whale-shaped pancakes and other wonderful breakfast items. Wesley especially liked that they covered the pancake in chocolate chips.

Later that morning, we headed up to Lahaina to take the kids on the Sugar Cane Train (a definite highlight). While waiting for the train, the kids enjoyed their first experience of Hawaii Shave Ice.


Miles and June enjoyed it so much that it was a main attraction for the rest of the trip.


I loved this picture of June, taken while playing on the old engine set up outside just for the kids -- great idea!


And then... the real train came, with a real steam engine! Guess who was really excited?





Actually Wesley really loved the train. This was just the cutest little face, classic Wesley!


After the train we had lunch and then made a quick trip to see this giant banyan tree with multiple trunks that spans an entire acre or so. Pretty cool climbing on the huge main trunk.


And, as if that wasn't enough, we decided to drive down and pick up uncle Colin and head to a place called "big beach", a huge beach at Makena State park. I'd been wanting to see this gorgeous tree-lined beach, and I wasn't dissapointed!


Noah turned out to be a real ocean boy. He couldn't get enough of playing in the waves, even the big waves. Wesley thought we were a little crazy for wanting to get into that noisy water.




Even though it looks cloudy, it was warm and wonderful. The water seemed a little warmer on this side of the island too. Apparently day 3 was my day of taking pictures! Hope you enjoyed them all.

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