Monday, April 8, 2013

Husband Hijack!

Its always fun to see Em's cool photos and fun commentary of our lives together.  However, sometimes the hubby has to have his say in the matter. (and hopefully its not as filled with spelling and grammar mistakes as the usual author's ;)

Upon our swift arrival from a well deserved Hawaii vacation, we instantly felt pressure to get back into our usual circus routine.  House renovation, FedEx wrangling, wedding photography, and middle school advanced grading action left us in a whirlwind of serenity-wishing.  Now that Emery began her almost daily Hawaii blog post marathon, I have a few corrections.

First of all, I know it was her camera, and her computer therefore that recieved all the images from our trip, but my photos of sunrise were misrepresented.  This photo, for example, is part of a work in progress even though she displays it as a final product.


Although awesome as a single shot, and even better memory, it isn't quite the complete picture.  In an effort to do the scene photographic justice I decided to do a little handheld HDR.  This High Dynamic Range image below is constructed by taking 3 separate photos with varying exposures, and compressing them into one that shows all the colors as close to possible as reality.  Sam Clements' naked eye would be happy!


The other sunrise shot selected for this type of digital fraud also found its way into a previous blog post. Silly rabbit. Again, the before and after sequencing for your viewing pleasure.

IMG_9826 Haleakala2013_HDR2
And there it is folks, the husband rant about his proud moments in life. Well, actually, it was a great moment, but sad that I had to share it with a bunch of dudes rather than my cute family!


glo said...

Wow! Amazing!

Patti said...

I can't stop LOL. But they are great pictures.