Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Something Amazing


You may have noticed in many of my previous posts that Wesley always had runny, sort of gunky eyes. He was born with blocked tear ducts, which meant that every morning of his life, he woke up with his eyelids stuck shut, and always had itchy, goopy eyes. After age one, you can do surgery to correct it, so we scheduled the surgery for January. In January we saw an opthalmologist and were ready for surgery (including general anesthesia), but Wesley had a cold, so we had to postpone. In the meantime, I ate a lot of raw garlic to try to help Wesley's cold go away. You may or may not believe this would help, but I do, and anyway, the next day, one of his eyes was clear. I waited for the goo to return, but it didn't. One of his eyes cleared up right after we postponed the surgery! The other kept running.

Two weeks later, the surgery was coming up again. We went in for the pre-opp appointment, but Wesley was still coughing, and so it was cancelled again. I kept thinking it might have been the garlic, and that if i could convince him to eat some raw garlic, maybe, just maybe, we could avoid the surgery altogether (yeah right on both counts, right?!).  Well, a few days ago, my dad made carrot juice and put a little raw garlic in. Wesley liked it and drank a bunch. The next morning, no kidding, clear eyes. Again I waited for it to come back, trying not to get my hopes up. But here we are, a few days later, and clear eyes. No surgery! Whether you believe my garlic story or you think it's just a coincidence, the story is still amazing. In between waiting for the surgeries, the eyes cleared up on their own!! I'm so happy to avoid the surgery, anesthesia, hospital, and everything else, and so happy my little Wes doesn't have to rub his eyes all day anymore.


JoAnne said...

Fantastic! Hope it continues to work. Garlic tablets, along with red yeast rice, have helped to reduce my cholesterol - this was prescribed by my MD.

Amy Robinson said...

This is just amazing Em! Is it still working?