Thursday, January 10, 2013

Update on the Boys

- Now saying, when asked his age, "I'm almost four". Three went by quick...
- As always, amazingly verbal. People still comment on how he speaks all the time. He also sings like someone much older, carrying a tune really well, and often adding his own artistic flare.
- We got a new play kitchen for Christmas and there is a little picture of a dog painting in the window behind the sink. Noah has been calling "his dog" on the telephone and having long conversations about "downloading" and other such things. He has also been spending quite a bit of time making elaborate meals for his dog, and complaining that he doesn't have a pet (our count, apparently, does not count).
- He LOVES Cinderella (the original 1950s version). It's his favorite movie and the cat and mice make him laugh hysterically every time. He says Cinderella is "magic like mama."I love it too.

- Wes is saying many new words. "Dog", "hot", and "duck" are older ones. New ones are "eat", "please" (learned from watching "signing time", which he's really excited about), and "Sena" (my friend's little girl who is in a photo on our fridge). Oddly, he doesn't say "Noah" yet in any way that I've heard.
- He is super cuddly and also friendly, but when a stranger says hello to him he usually raises his shoulder and looks sideways at them.
- He is brave, a daredevil, but also lately a really great listener. Like, when he pulls a knife out of the dishwasher and I tell him "no", he sometimes gives it to me :-)

I know there are more things I've been wanting to write down about these sweet little boys that change way too quickly, but for now at least I've recorded a few. We had a great trip for Christmas, but it's good to be home and but to some kind of routine. I'm looking forward to (and also dreading) starting a class on Monday! Wish me luck.


JoAnne said...

Love these posts! Love the Christmas photos on your Facebook too. Thanks for sharing ;-)

glo said...

Great update and hope you have fun with your class!