Monday, December 3, 2012

Making it feel like Christmas


It's about 75 degrees (or more probably) in Tucson this December 3rd. T-shirt weather, even though I spent many a Christmas in Santa Cruz as a kid, just doesn't quite have that holiday feel. Noah is so into Christmas this year that we're putting some effort into making in feel like Christmas. No, we're not trucking in any snow (although I think there was an event like that here last year...), but we are doing Christmas lights, Christmas tree, and the best part, a brand new Christmas train! So here is our playroom with Christmas tree, train, and very happy little boy. We won't be here for Christmas, but in the three weeks before we make our Christmas trek to New Mexico and Texas we had to bring some Christmas spirit home. Having little ones around just makes it so much easier to get excited about this season!