Friday, December 7, 2012

14 Months


A few days late, but I think I've posted almost every one of Wesley's monthly posts on the 7th of the month instead of the 5th. Anyway, this is one adorable, and rambunctious, little guy.

He's starting to say more words: Hot (which he always says with a laugh, as in, hah, nothing you say will instill me with a sense of danger. I'll climb cactus and there's nothing you can do about it!), night night... I'm sure there are several more, but as I told Chris tonight, he's the second child and I think the reason he's not talking as much as Noah was at this age is that we just aren't paying as much attention.

Anyway, Here is a cute photo of him using a turnip as a teether. He didn't love the taste, but it was round, just soft enough, and it had a handle. We've been up to our ears in veggies from our CSA (community supported agriculture) so I was glad to find some kind of use for turnips.

Here is a link to Noah's 14 month post, just for comparison.  Apparently I was just as tired when I wrote that one.

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