Thursday, November 1, 2012


IMG_9235 We started with some pumpkins


And then a little ghost and a little princess out in the dark. I didn't get a photo of them from the front! Shame on me.


And then there were the toddly little forest creatures, intent on getting their share of the candy. You wouldn't have believed this little guy marching up to each door, pumpkin pail in outstretched hand, and as soon as he heard something plop into the pain, he was off to the next place. And, in true bear fashion, he had chowed down on a candy bar by the time we made it back, wrapper bits and all. The little bear costume was one that I made for Noah a few years ago. Click here to see him in it.

Sue Sylvester came along as well. And don't ask me what I was wearing. Green velvet drapery? Hmm.




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