Monday, November 26, 2012

Family Week

Happy thanksgiving!

Another trip to Flagstaff, this time for Thanksgiving. It was special because my brother Colin was coming in from Hawaii after we hadn't seen him for over a year. He had never met Wesley! And to add to a special week, my youngest brother Gaelen showed up from Santa Cruz. It was the first time we'd all been together since Chris and I got married and it was fun to have a little time together.


As you probably guessed, I made the cranberry sauce and I always love taking pictures of it. I also shaped the brioche bread into a reindeer for Noah, although it puffed up so much in the oven that it looked like a fat dragon creature when we served it.

Brioche reindeer

Sadly, I didn't get around to getting a photo of us all together, but here is Gaelen playing guitar in my mom's sunny living room.


Okay, and I'm sorry for mentioning a new big thing and then leaving everyone (or, all three of my readers...) hanging. Now it won't sound like such a big thing if you were expecting something exciting. I've been waiting to hear for sure about getting accepted, but I'm going to tell you anyway that I'm re-applying to my medical anthropology PhD program to finish in the next couple of years. So who knows what will become of the photography business, but for now I'm still going to do a wedding here and there, we're going to Hawaii for spring break (yahooo!), and I'm going back to the life of a student (yikes, and sort of awesome too).

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Patti said...

Very proud of you.