Friday, November 16, 2012

Busy Month

I know you were waiting for a photo of my little boys, not for a photo of these little bean bags I made for Noah's class to use as ice packs, but this is all I've got. We had two weddings last month and an engagement session last weekend, plus some other big things that I'll tell you about soon. A few things, including this blog (and other things, like credit card payments...) have fallen off my radar, but I'm done with everything for a little while, so I'll be back here with some photos of the little guys. Especially the one who is now walking, climbing up on the dining room table and dropping peppercorns all over the floor, and laying on the floor in tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants. We're in for it.


Amy Robinson said...

The bean bags look great!

Floor tantrums, le sigh. As long as you basically ignore them they're ok. :)

Sage said...

what are the other big things eh em?! xoxoxo