Saturday, October 6, 2012

1 Year Old


This little boy is one year old. One year old! He is almost walking, almost. He makes monkey sounds, says "hi" and "banana" (in addition the mama and dada) He is sweet and roudy. I love his little cuddles, and how when I was taking pictures of him outside as he sorted rocks, he kept taking breaks to come climb into my lap and sit for a minute.

Despite the cuddles, he is very independent. Pretty much anything I want him to eat has to be in a form he can pick up with his hands. He climbs anything and everything. His favorite thing is to climb onto the dishwasher door when open and try to get things out of the top shelf. If he falls off, the only part of it that bothers him is if he fell off without the desired object.

Since I've done three posts about Wesley (or was it four?) in the last two days, I guess I'm done telling you about him for today. More coming soon.

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