Monday, September 17, 2012

Creek Day


A creek day, or any natural source of water for that matter, is a special special treat for desert kids who've been cooped up inside all summer. To those who live in places with actual rivers, this creek might not look like much, but for us it was just wonderful to stick our toes into cool clear spring water. The kids loved building dams, watching the train go by on a bridge above us, and just splashing and playing in the mud.



The photo above is not a great one of me, but it shows little Wes' exploration of the creek, which I thought was awesome.


Noah walked down the creek barefoot for a ways and invented a great new word. As we got into a rocky spot he said, "You have to carry me at this part mama, the rocks here are really thorn-ly." Isn't language development cool?

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Patti said...

I just love the pictures and what you write. It sure makes me mss y'all a lt more but don't stop all of it.