Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Family Vacations are the Best!

IMG_8873.jpg It was really hard to sort through and choose just a few photos from this trip. Not because they were amazing photos since I didn't even bring my big camera, but because we had so much fun and I think so many of these photos show that. This was a real vacation. We stayed in a nice hotel, played on the beach, saw Shamu at Sea World, and just had an all around wonderful time. I had no idea how much Noah would love the beach, and fall in love with Shamu (he is sleeping with a small cuddly version of the whale as I write this). Wesley was not so sure about the cold waves, but he thought the sand was pretty interesting. He also decided to cover himself with it, and cover me with it too. The shark tunnel at Sea world was one of my favorites. IMG_8903.jpg Wes liked watching the turtles. IMG_8924.jpg Noah, as I said, LOVED Shamu. We got to the show a few minutes late and sat high up in the stands. Noah watched intently for a while and then told me, "I want to get wet. It's fun to get splashed by Shamu." "Okay," I said, "we can walk down the stairs and get into the splash zone." This happened just before Shamu started his routine of going around the pool and at each section of the crown, sending a giant wave over the crowd with his tail. Noah was right down in front of the tank. I was halfway up the steps and water went over my head. It looked like a tidal wave going over him... and he came up laughing! IMG_8929.jpg IMG_8946.jpg IMG_8951.jpg Our hotel was near mission beach so we mostly just walked to the beach. We even got a free sunset boat cruise. So much fun. IMG_8969.jpg There's something just so California about this shot from the walk to mission beach. IMG_8973.jpg IMG_8990.jpg IMG_9005.jpg Okay, so I chose more than a few photos for this post, but there were so many more. Click the link to flickr on the right if you want to see a few more of them. Noah kept asking me if we could come back here again for our next vacation. We have a beach lover on our hands.

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JoAnne said...

Looks like you had a blast! I'm so happy for you. Loved seeing the Flikr photos too. Love to all.