Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bean Play

Untitled We went to the sweetest birthday party for one of Noah's classmates today. It was at playground of a local waldorf school. We played inside a little and heard a story of this little boy's life. In the little classroom there were play kitchens, wooden toys, silks, and little toys made of felted yard. No plastic at all. I've been trying to reduce our plastic lately since I've been reading about some recent studies on pthalates. Anyway, this post is about another plastic-free activity: playing with a bucket of beans. You really don't need toys at all to have a lot of fun. Untitled Untitled My mom came down for the weekend (and braved the very high temperatures! Thanks mom!). We had a great time playing with water outside and playing with trains inside of course. Chris was out of town at a friends wedding, so we were really glad to have the extra help. Untitled Untitled We still have lots of toys, of course, but I was feeling inspired to try to incorporate some more natural objects into our play. I would love to learn how to make the little felted yarn toys.


Amy Robinson said...

I'd like to try making those yarn toys too.

Did Adam tell you miss J is going to a Waldorf charter school? I'm really excited.

Ps have you tried furoshiki bags? I am obsessed. (reduce plastic and so pretty.)

glo said...

I love your blog!