Tuesday, August 7, 2012

10 Months

IMG_7528.jpg This little baby is just getting bigger and bigger. He crawls so fast I was thinking I should have entered him in a crawling competition! He also pulls himself up (effortlessly), cruises, and even climbs up on things.
Some recent things:
- He says Mama and Dada very consistently and has just started saying something that sounds like Ball
- He loves his brother soooo much, but he is also fiercely possessive and defends his space
- He's starting to eat more table foods. Today I shared a cheese, spinach and avocado sandwich with him and he loved it
- He is just starting to have the dexterity to feed himself graham crackers or teething biscuits. He hasn't quite started picking up little bits of things to eat them
- He screams. He screams when he's happy. He screams when you take something from his little grasp. And he screams when he is angry. He screams. I don't mean a screaming cry, and mean just an ear-splitting-my-ears-are-sore-at-the-end-of-the-day scream. He also laughs and is so sweet, but wow that scream!

As always, I'm sure there are many more things I should be telling you, but here are some photos of my sweet little baby:

IMG_7527.jpg Notice the intense concetration above. He will not let that stick go for anything. IMG_7512.jpg Standing up while eating a teething biscuit. IMG_7499.jpg Blueberries and Cheerios. Yummy breakfast. IMG_7498.jpg Have to get in there Climbing in and out of a bucket, especially when filled with water, is a wonderful way to spend the day.

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