Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wes, 9 Months

I just read through Noah's 9 month post. I was surprised by the differences between where Wes is right now, and where now was at nine months as far as moving and talking.

Noah was just sitting, getting close to crawling. Wes is crawling fast, and climbing up on things, and standing up and cruising from one piece of furniture to another.

Noah was saying dada, but not mama yet. Wes says Mama and Dada consistently (which surprised me, because Noah seemed so much more verbal and less mobile.

Wes is sweet. He loves to giggle histerically with his big brother. He LOVES his big brother. Despite this love, he is not interested in letting his big brother push him around. Standing up for himself already. Oh boy.

The other day he climbed up onto Noah's toolbench, grabbed the windowsill and stood up on the toolbench. I'm not sure where he was planning on going, but what a contrast to my first baby, who was still sitting and not too interested in getting anywhere at this age.

Wes loves the kitty. He wants to grab her ears, but listened to me when I told him to be gentle and showed him how to touch her head. As I said in Noah's 9 month post, I'm consistently amazed by how much Wes can understand me already at this age.

He signs "all done" (two hands open, shaking back and forth) when he doesn't want anymore food.

He doesn't clap his hands yet, but he thinks it's really interesting when we do.

He's learning not to crawl straight of the bed (thank goodness) but seems to bonk his head several times an hour anyway.

And just like when I did Noah's nine month post, I don't have any photos to post of him today. Too busy chasing him around I guess.

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JoAnne said...

Wow! Love all your new posts. Just 'cause we don't always comment doesn't mean we don't' look at them and love them! Wes must be trying to keep up with Noah. He doesn't know he isn't 3 too.