Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Monsoon Desert Hike

IMG_8753.jpg We've been having some wonderful monsoon thunderstorms in Tucson lately. The clouds roll into so fast sometimes with strong wind and lightning. I love the sound of the pounding rain on the roof. Last week after an early storm it was so cool outside that we were inspired to head out for a little family hike. IMG_8764.jpg IMG_8773.jpg This is one of our favorite places to hike to (at least our favorite place that's only a ten minute drive from home to the trailhead). The boys loved the puddles on the concrete floor of the stone house. We brought a little picnick dinner and spent a while just splashing and looking at the view. It's not a really long hike, but long enough for Noah to get a little tuckered out on the way back. I liked Chris' human saguaro cactus impression. IMG_8794.jpg And even though this next one isn't in perfect focus and Wesley's eyes look a little gunky, I just love the serious expressions on their faces. My sweet boys. IMG_8800.jpg On an unrelated note, Wes' new habit is ear-splitting screams just for the fun of it. Fun, right?

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