Sunday, July 1, 2012

Exciting new food adventures

IMG_7184 Not for the baby, but for the adults. We tried this grilled fig and prosciutto salad from the Earthbound Organic Farm Cookbook. Chris has a thing for figs, so when I saw organic black figs at whole foods I had to grab them (nevermind how much they cost...). The salad had a greens mix, toasted walnuts, grilled, prosciutto wrapped figs, feta, and a balsamic vinaigrette with a little Dijon mustard and honey in it. IMG_7176 IMG_7173 This one just got to eat yogurt. And cheerios. IMG_7181 Actually, eating cheerios is a lie. He doesn't eat them unless I put them in his mouth. His favorite thing is to throw handfuls of them on the floor, and then chase them around when I try to sweep them up. IMG_7188 The next thing I'm trying is called "refrigerator oatmeal". When Louisa and Sean came back from New Zealand they introduced us to something called "muesli" (which basically means untoasted granola). We really enjoyed it for a while, and then forgot about it. When I saw this idea for refrigerator oats on pinterest I thought it was time to introduce it to my granola and oatmeal loving two-year-old. I'll get back to you on how it goes because it's sitting in the fridge right now. IMG_7205 IMG_7210 This one will still have to wait a couple of years. IMG_7193 The little one has nothing at all to do with the food, but isn't he cute? Mosquito bite on the forehead and all.

I posted some photos from Flagstaff on my photography blog (click here). Please go look at them and if you don't already, you should like me on facebook too :-)

P.S. I didn't use chia seeds in the refridgerator oats (partially because I didn't have any, and partially because I didn't actually look at the recipe until I linked to it while writing this post. Yes, I'm that kind of cook.) I think I'll probably try them next time though, because they're supposed to be really amazing. 

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I'm glad the high chair is being put to good use!