Thursday, July 26, 2012

Simple Summer Joys

IMG_7448.jpg Coconut popsicles make this household crazy. We love them. IMG_7457.jpg "Let's see, how can I get the rest of this into my mouth." IMG_7483.jpg "... This too." Also, I'm pretty sure this little guy tried to say "ball" today. IMG_7476.jpg Water play and popsicles. Does summer get much better than this? I'll get back to you on that after our San Diego beach vacation next week ;-)

So Cool

I don't know how many of you out there knew this, but we had a seriously small refridgerator! Living in such a hot place, you have to refridgerate more things, and I just didn't have the option. The thing was always packed to the gills. People would look inside and think we had insane amounts of food because you just couldn't tell how small it really was. Well, now that you can see the old one side by side with the new one, you can agree that the old one was awfully small, can't you? My wonderful husband found this lovely huge fridge on craigslist and then promptly sold our old one so we spent very little to be very much cooler this summer (or at least, our food will be cooler. We are still pretty nerdy.)


Friday, July 20, 2012

Soooo Big

Untitled I love watching this two boys. They place chase all day long. Wesley follows Noah everywhere he goes. Noah has been reluctant to let Wesley go to sleep (which has been a bit of a problem) because he wants to keep playing. I can't believe they're so big already. But still so little at the same time. I love these photos. Two brothers looking out into the big world. Untitled

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Monsoon Desert Hike

IMG_8753.jpg We've been having some wonderful monsoon thunderstorms in Tucson lately. The clouds roll into so fast sometimes with strong wind and lightning. I love the sound of the pounding rain on the roof. Last week after an early storm it was so cool outside that we were inspired to head out for a little family hike. IMG_8764.jpg IMG_8773.jpg This is one of our favorite places to hike to (at least our favorite place that's only a ten minute drive from home to the trailhead). The boys loved the puddles on the concrete floor of the stone house. We brought a little picnick dinner and spent a while just splashing and looking at the view. It's not a really long hike, but long enough for Noah to get a little tuckered out on the way back. I liked Chris' human saguaro cactus impression. IMG_8794.jpg And even though this next one isn't in perfect focus and Wesley's eyes look a little gunky, I just love the serious expressions on their faces. My sweet boys. IMG_8800.jpg On an unrelated note, Wes' new habit is ear-splitting screams just for the fun of it. Fun, right?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Louisa's Birthday (and slightly overdone cake)

IMG_7430.jpg I was planning on just making a simple carrot cake for Louisa's birthday, but I just couldn't help myself. I made a couple of colors and then some silly designs. Although I was definitely chuckling at myself for this, I can't say I didn't love the way it turned out. IMG_7443.jpg Even though I was afraid it was really overbaked (which is part of the reason I got carried away with the frosting: Overcompensating...), it actually tasting pretty good. Especially with the wonderful homemade ice cream Louisa made (and unfortunately, I failed to get a good photo of). IMG_7445.jpg

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A birthday party with old friends

IMG_7414.jpg Not friends who are old, but friends I've known forever (at least it seems that way). We were lucky too be in Flagstaff this weekend for Sena's 2nd birthday party. Magan and her little ones were in town on a short visit. It was over 2 years ago that they were here last. They live near the southern tip of South America. It was great to see her and her family. Chris took this photo (which is missing one of the kids. it's getting pretty hard to get these shots together anymore). IMG_7421.jpg I love this photo that Chris took of Sena. She was having a rough day, but mostly seemed to enjoy the party. The balloons attached to each child made for some fun photo opps. IMG_7346.jpg Beautiful "sena-pede" cake by J and Mar.

Monday, July 9, 2012

At Nana's House

A few raspberry bushes came along to the new house. Noah loves to find them and eat them right away!
IMG_7290.jpg Just sitting outside and playing with water and pieces of grass seems like so much fun when you have Nana to play with. The nice weather and a little rain helps a lot too. IMG_7291.jpg I've got some catching up to do with photos, so hopefully there will be a few more posts coming up this week. We had a great time in Flag this weekend, and we're happy to be home to sweltering Tucson too.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sparkler portraits. Just for fun.

Not so sure about holding a sparkler
Chris in a Star
Lou, is that a flapper headdress? Or your antennae?



Wes, 9 Months

I just read through Noah's 9 month post. I was surprised by the differences between where Wes is right now, and where now was at nine months as far as moving and talking.

Noah was just sitting, getting close to crawling. Wes is crawling fast, and climbing up on things, and standing up and cruising from one piece of furniture to another.

Noah was saying dada, but not mama yet. Wes says Mama and Dada consistently (which surprised me, because Noah seemed so much more verbal and less mobile.

Wes is sweet. He loves to giggle histerically with his big brother. He LOVES his big brother. Despite this love, he is not interested in letting his big brother push him around. Standing up for himself already. Oh boy.

The other day he climbed up onto Noah's toolbench, grabbed the windowsill and stood up on the toolbench. I'm not sure where he was planning on going, but what a contrast to my first baby, who was still sitting and not too interested in getting anywhere at this age.

Wes loves the kitty. He wants to grab her ears, but listened to me when I told him to be gentle and showed him how to touch her head. As I said in Noah's 9 month post, I'm consistently amazed by how much Wes can understand me already at this age.

He signs "all done" (two hands open, shaking back and forth) when he doesn't want anymore food.

He doesn't clap his hands yet, but he thinks it's really interesting when we do.

He's learning not to crawl straight of the bed (thank goodness) but seems to bonk his head several times an hour anyway.

And just like when I did Noah's nine month post, I don't have any photos to post of him today. Too busy chasing him around I guess.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Refrigerator Oatmeal: the outcome

IMG_7213 I mentioned making these the other day. So here is how they turned out. They were delicious! I used vanilla yogurt and added cinnamon and cardamom (from my favorite granola recipe), and almonds and sunflower seeds. Noah liked them too. Here is a link again to the blog that I used as a recipe (or, more accurately, as an inspiration). This doesn't seem to be a new idea, but it seems like a good idea to expose it anyway. I already made a second batch. IMG_7214 IMG_7211 IMG_7216

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Exciting new food adventures

IMG_7184 Not for the baby, but for the adults. We tried this grilled fig and prosciutto salad from the Earthbound Organic Farm Cookbook. Chris has a thing for figs, so when I saw organic black figs at whole foods I had to grab them (nevermind how much they cost...). The salad had a greens mix, toasted walnuts, grilled, prosciutto wrapped figs, feta, and a balsamic vinaigrette with a little Dijon mustard and honey in it. IMG_7176 IMG_7173 This one just got to eat yogurt. And cheerios. IMG_7181 Actually, eating cheerios is a lie. He doesn't eat them unless I put them in his mouth. His favorite thing is to throw handfuls of them on the floor, and then chase them around when I try to sweep them up. IMG_7188 The next thing I'm trying is called "refrigerator oatmeal". When Louisa and Sean came back from New Zealand they introduced us to something called "muesli" (which basically means untoasted granola). We really enjoyed it for a while, and then forgot about it. When I saw this idea for refrigerator oats on pinterest I thought it was time to introduce it to my granola and oatmeal loving two-year-old. I'll get back to you on how it goes because it's sitting in the fridge right now. IMG_7205 IMG_7210 This one will still have to wait a couple of years. IMG_7193 The little one has nothing at all to do with the food, but isn't he cute? Mosquito bite on the forehead and all.

I posted some photos from Flagstaff on my photography blog (click here). Please go look at them and if you don't already, you should like me on facebook too :-)

P.S. I didn't use chia seeds in the refridgerator oats (partially because I didn't have any, and partially because I didn't actually look at the recipe until I linked to it while writing this post. Yes, I'm that kind of cook.) I think I'll probably try them next time though, because they're supposed to be really amazing.