Monday, June 4, 2012

Yogurt Cake, baked by Noah

IMG_6335 IMG_6340 My mom sent me a book about the differences between French and American parenting recently. One of the things the author says is that French parents let their children bake at a young age. It teaches patience, precision, etc. She included a recipe for this cake where you put little cups of yogurt in the batter, and then you measure all the other ingredients in the yogurt containers. We had a great time baking it. I was planning to share the recipe here, but it really wasn't that good... The point is that letting my three year old bake a cake was actually a really great Saturday morning activity. IMG_6319 IMG_6321 IMG_6324 IMG_6325 IMG_6328 A funny side note about this book on French parenting was that I went to the Tucson Children's Museum with my friend Sara and her kids on Sunday morning, bringing with me a bag of the cute little cupcakes that Noah made. As we walked up the steps Sara said, "So I've been reading this book about French parenting..." -- Same book! What are the odds?


glo said...

Love that look of serious concentration on Noah's face!

Elizabeth said...

I've read about half of the book ("Bringing up Bebe," right?) and am really enjoying it. Good to know the cake isn't very tasty, though! Very sweet pics of Noah!

Xochi Mama said...

How funny. We have that same monkey cup.