Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Roadtrip 2012 (a.k.a. The one with all the car trouble)

Every Summer we do the long roadtrip from Tucson to Amarillo. It's around eleven hours (if you don't have kids), and we often take two days to do it. This year, we planned an epic trip: We would start with flagstaff; then Chris would to Angel Fire, NM for a mountain bike guys weekend; Wes, Noah and I would take the Amtrak train to Albuquerque to meet him; From there we would head to Amarillo; and then we planned to head up to Gunnison for some camping and cool weather before heading back to Flagstaff, and finally home.
We made it through the first part (I can't believe I haven't posted about the train already! I didn't have my camera, so the few photos I took with my phone are below). The train trip was great. It was when we arrived in Albuquerque that our plans started to fall apart. The truck barely made it there. We would have to leave it behind and get a rental car to make it to Amarillo. Amarillo was wonderful: swimming, family fun, tons of little boy cousins, loving grandparents, and everything else. A week later, it was back to Albuquerque to visit more cousins and pick up the truck (new transmission and all). Tuesday evening Chris and I finally admitted to each other that after all that, we sort of just wanted to go home. More traveling sounded expensive. So, after replacing the brake pads on the truck... we finally left Albuquerque at 4pm on Wednesday.
And guess what?!! 2 hours south of Albuquerque we ran out of gas! A wonderful family actually drove Chris to the nearest town and back, so he was able to redeem himself. We stayed the night in the Deming Days Inn (which sort of turned out to be a little family mini-vacation from our vacation), and we made it home (to a house full of mosquitos) on Thursday afternoon. Whew!

 And, not as organized and beautifully laid out as I'd like, here are some of the photos:

Amtrak from Flagstaff to Albuquerque:
4:30 AM at the Train Station. Is it here yet??
Breakfast on the train. Sleepy boy.
Breakfast was really the highlight of the train ride. Noah ordered bacon and french toast. The server said he was a "very well-mannered little boy." I was so proud.
The scenery between Flag and Albuquerque is so pretty.
 Swimming at Nama's house in Amarillo:
Give this boy two noodles and he is off!
So far, Wes does not love swimming as much as I thought he would. Maybe next summer...
  Playing in Cap'n and G's backyard in Amarillo:
Does it get any more adorable than this?
Mr. "I climb up and stand on whatever I can find." I can crawl super fast too.
 IMG_6801 IMG_6852

Out of Gas, North of Elephant Butte, NM. Waiting for Daddy to get back and rescue us: IMG_1151 IMG_1157 IMG_1154 And... I still have photos from Flagstaff that I never downloaded... (sorry J! I'm slacking), and Chris took some great ones of Albuquerque that I want to share as well. So maybe tomorrow.

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JoAnne said...

Adorable photos. Glad you had such a good time - sorry for the truck problems.