Tuesday, June 5, 2012

8 Months

IMG_6339 Oh boy, in the last week this little boy has gone from a sweet baby who just barely learned to sit up without falling, to a very mobile, crawling, scooting, climber. He mostly just scoots himself around still, unless there is something close that he wants to climb, in which case he crawls (perfectly) to get to it, and starts trying with all his might to climb right up it. IMG_6084 Noah was always a very cautious little guy. I could leave him on the bed, and he would crawl to the edge and look over, but not try to get down. Not Wes. He crawled to the edge, looked over and thought, "I can make it." He dove for it. I guess you could say he made it too. IMG_6083 IMG_6072 IMG_6067 More things about Wesley:
 - He loves his mama. He says mama. He says dada too, but he says mama when he's ready to sleep.
- He LOVES his big brother. Sometimes they lie on the bed together and just laugh. I don't know how long they would do this for because I always break it up for bedtime, eventually.
- He makes a face like I'm trying to poison him if I feed him anything that doesn't come out of a jar. I think he has a bit of a texture thing. We're working on it.
- He's patient, sweet, and really quiet for a baby.
- He said "hi" to me and waved when he woke up the other morning. He said it to daddy too. For reals. IMG_6316


glo said...

Adorable - can't wait to see him crawling around here!

JoAnne said...

Such a sweet boy. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Hi to Noah and Wes.