Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rainbow Shoes

IMG_5874 We went looking for really comfortable shoes for Noah. I had my eye on a pair of toms for a while, and finally convinced him to try them on. What he really wanted was the pink sparkly ones. I tried to convince him that sparkly just wasn't quite practical for school. These rainbow ones are though, and we've had some happy little feet around here lately. (Thanks granddaddy for this birthday present!) IMG_5888
Here is one that I liked, not related to the rainbow shoes, but since this is my blog, I guess I can post photos of random strings of lantern's whenever I want to, can't I? IMG_5896 These are from dinner at our friends' house recently. I got a new (used, but super awesome) camera for mother's day from my wonderful husband. He surprised me by putting my lens and strap on it, and putting it in my camera bag to see if I would notice. It took me a minute to figure it out, but I certainly noticed! Anyway, these photos were just me playing around with a new toy. You'll have to be flickr savvy to figure out what it is :-) IMG_5901

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