Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Age 3 Years

IMG_6246 copy I saw this photo-with-words-on-it idea on pinterest (shared by my friend Sara, who wanted me to try to make one of Eva, but I couldn't get a smile or even a look in my direction. Maybe next time. In the meantime, I hope Sara doesn't mind my borrowing the idea :-)
Actually, this photo shoot was me chasing Noah and him trying to get away from me. It worked out okay though.
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The purple crown was a project that I did with Noah's class on his real birthday. I bought a package of different colored foam sheets, cut each one in half in a zigzag pattern, and then cut about an inch off the flat side to make the back (since the foam wasn't quite wide enough to go all the way around). I brought in silver glitter, seed beeds, and birthday confetti for his class (all things it turned out I wasn't really supposed to bring, but the kids had a great time!). So this was my little photo shoot with my big 3 year old boy in his special birthday crown. IMG_6221 We got the new green convertible at the swap meet last weekend. I thought 3 years old deserves a new car, don't you? IMG_6268


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I love everything about this post - the photos, props,colors, the pic with words on it, the new convertible -- and of course sweet little Noah.