Monday, April 30, 2012

More Fun

New used bike trailer! A really nice family from Noah's school gave us this awesome bike trailer (the very same one we had been coveting at REI for over a year!). We finally got it all set up, got Wesley's special padded seat installed (he looked a little like an astronaut in there so snuggly), and headed out on the riverpath. I could hear "goo goooo" all the way along, and Noah was super excited to get to ride in there with his baby brother. He said to me, "Mom, aren't you happy? Now you don't have to ride by yourself." Yes, and, I get some extra exercise :-) Untitled This other one is from last week when we set up the pool and put just a couple of inches of water in. Tummy time in the pool on a hot day is really the way to go.

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