Thursday, March 22, 2012

First Foods! Yum

Sweet Potatoes! We were having them for dinner, Wes was asking for dinner, so I put them in the blender. He was not disappointed. He loved them, actually, and couldn't stop grabbing the spoon.




Avocados. Still can't stop grabbing the spoon. These are just too good! Even granddaddy could barely get that spoon out of his hand.



And then, pears. Mmm. These were so good he couldn't help rubbing them all over his face. Poor Chris was trying to eat his own dinner, but could barely get a bite because Wesley would fuss at him any time Chris wasn't shoveling pears in his direction.



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Mama LLama said...

Wow Emery: Our parallel lives and we've only met in person once! Today we fed Abel his first food: mushed mango and he was starving!!! Grabbing the spoon, guiding it quickly back to my mouth. Then I glanced at your blog and realized your boy is super hungry for the good stuff too.

It's fun to share this moment with you.