Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wes: 4 Months

16lbs 12oz (now in the 75th percentile)

... and, I forgot to remember how tall... but in the high ninetieth percentile.


This little guy is very friendly. He loves to be held and loves when people talk to him.
He is holding his head up 90 degrees when he's on his tummy and trying to lift his butt.
He laughs if you tickle his belly or under his chin, a real laugh.
He loves his big brother and watches every move. (His big brother loves him too).
He's also a serious mama's boy already, just like his brother (poor daddy, his day will come eventually).
He's learning to grab things, like hair and glasses, so no more earrings for me for a while.
He's very sweet and mellow. I bring him to work with and happy (albeit high-pitched) screams are the only noise he makes to give himself away.




and just for fun, click here for Noah's 4 month post


Mama LLama said...

Both boys are looking so healthy and beautiful. Good work you two!

Amy Robinson said...

You are so blessed with those lovely boys. Sure wish I could hold Wes and read Noah a book.

Mama LLama said...

Also- check out Wes's sweet widow's peek. Abe has one too. Must be an October thing.

Patti said...

I miss y'all so much. Both are so cute!