Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trying to hold on

So much of life is spent looking forward. Thinking about the future. Working toward something bigger, and therefore, supposedly better. Right now I found myself at a time in life where I have hardly any free time, hardly any extra money, and it's just going by too fast. The present is such a sweet, fleeting time that I just want to hold on to it. To cuddle my babies just a little bit longer. To spend my entire evenings smushed in between two boys who can only go to sleep when they are cuddled up against me (actually, I think I'm ready to move past that last part...).
Anyway, here is a little project I did last night to try to hold on to a little piece of this tiny babyhood. The first "shadowboxes" I've ever made. Here they are. First footprints, ultrasound photos, umbilical cord stumps, first baby hats (and Noah's has a few other little trinkets I've collected along the way, like a curl from his first haircut).




Sorry they're a little blury, but you get the idea. Also, I like how you can see me in that last one.


Amy Robinson said...

I like seeing you in that last one too!

Emery these are very inspiring. I would like to do something like this too.

bloomers said...

Love this idea Emery! I may have to copy you. :) Glad to see you all are well! Kristin

emery_rose said...

Definitely feel free to copy! It didn't really feel like my idea, just something that made sense so I didn't lose these precious things forever. I just cut out a piece of black paper and rubber cemented the photo and footprint card onto it.
Amy - I know I've copied many a crafty idea from you.
Kristin - it's great to here from you! I've been carrying the gorgeous quilt you made around everywhere!