Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Party it Up

You might already know this, but jumping castles are a big deal in Tucson. There's a place where you can have parties that's just a great big room filled with really elaborate jumping castles, and what a great place for a birthday party!
My mom was in town and Chris was out of town, so I left Wesley at home and Noah and I went off together to jump the night away at "Pump it Up." I didn't even bring a camera (but I did have to get a few with my phone). So, here's what I snapped in between jumping, crawling through tunnels, climbing up moving walls, and going down fast slides with one happy little boy (and several of his friends from school).

After Jumping there was pizza and cupcakes for everybody. I can't wait to go back.
There was no music, but who needs it when you love to dance?

The Birthday chair after the birthday boy had opened all the presents and abandoned it


Patti said...

What fun! We have a Jump N Jive same type place. It's across the alley! Right behind my house...

Amy Robinson said...

Wow! We have places just like this in Anchorage. And in winter... it can't be beat. June had her party at one. And we went to one with a chair just like that. So crazy that things can be so much the same, yet so different too.