Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Nice Long Weekend of...

... Playing in the tent and the tunnel.

Making granola (yum!), and popcorn for a Noah and Mama Movie and popcorn party in the living room.

Using lovely hazelnut pancake mix from Portland to make Texas-shaped waffles with our new waffle iron.

Learning to sit, and enjoying a newfound place at the table.

Playing with friends at the playground.

Putting things back together. The main job with digging out dirt from under the sink to expose huge, rusty cast iron pipes and figuring out how to replace them. Yuck.
OR, spending the entire weekend trapped under the kitchen counter fixing corroded old pipes. At least my wonderful husband got the job done and the sink back in working order!

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Amy Robinson said...

I wish I could come over and just hang out. I miss you guys. Thanks for the comment on my flickr nest picture. I noticed it on my phone and couldn't figure out how to comment back. Hugs!!